After-sales service

Local support for end customers

The after-sales customer experience is important for your reputation and long-term business success. We help you provide the right after-sales support to the end consumer for a great brand experience.

Simple after-sales service

We know the level of required after-sales service depends on the product and segment. So we offer different solutions depending on your needs.

Receive local support

Being available to answer client questions is important for customer satisfaction. Through our local product consultants and service desks we provide a personalised support experience for your customers in the local language.

Servicing and repairs management

If your customers are experiencing issues with any product our team is ready to help. We have a network of service centers which will take care of any repairs and our call center support will answer any servicing questions.

Have more questions?

We are here to provide more information, answer any questions you may have or talk about a specific quote.