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In short – anything allowed by law. It can be any kind of machinery, vehicles, foods and food ingredients, raw industrial materials or finished products. In our experience we have sourced anything from large industrial machinery for the textile industry, to construction materials, televisions and even bluetooth speakers.

As much as you wish. We could manage the whole process from sourcing trough to delivery to your doorstep. Or we could only help you get in touch with the right supplier and then let you manage everything else. In basic terms the responsibilities and risks we manage on your behalf are guided by the generally accepted Incoterm conditions we agree on. We normally work with FOB, EXW, CFR or DDP conditions.

We can deliver to any port or point in Europe by using global logistics partners. We can even split an order and deliver to more than one point.

This depends on factors such as production time, warehousing services you may require and the location of the final destination for your products. Usually it takes around 1-3 months.

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