Production and quality management

Source products with the right quality

We make sure your quality standards are met through our established best practice quality management processes

Consistent product quality

With no proper quality control processes there are many possibilities for expensive mistakes. We use best practice standards and recommend the use of standard quality control procedures, such as testing and inspections. This way we make sure factories maintain high production standards and avoid shipment of products with sub-optimal quality.

Testing and inspections

We always recommend comprehensive sample testing before and sometimes during production to make sure quality standards are met. We usually recommend pre-production, pre-shipment inspections or container loading inspections to manage the production processes at all stages.

Product compliance

We sometimes recommend complete product testing in certified laboratories so your products are compliant with EU or local regulations. We also use certified agencies to make sure product labels, packaging and instruction manuals are complete with all required information.

Keeping you informed

We make sure you are informed at all stages of the production and delivery process, making sure you understand what is required from you and what to expect. We share quality inspection reports and photos so you will be involved throughout the process. We work during standard European business hours so you will get the timely personal service you deserve.

Have more questions?

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