Supplier and product selection

Find the right supplier for the products you need quickly

We connect you to a group of verified suppliers to make your supplier search quick and easy.

Find the right partners

We know finding the right supplier from China can be challenging because there are so many. Аnd it can be difficult and expensive to check their identity or verify their business. We also know working with the right partner can make all the difference. This is why when using our service you can rely on our verified supplier database with 500+ trusted suppliers.

Select the right products

We know markets are diverse with products across all price segments and made of different components and technical specifications. We will advise you when selecting products and the right combination of options based on current market trends and by using our 15+ years experience in import management.

Get the best terms and conditions

Negotiations with suppliers can be complex and time-consuming, specially in international trade. We have your best interest at heart and our team will negotiate directly with the factory, making sure all important details for the deal are agreed so risk is minimised.

Easy OEM branding

The package design makes a difference to the point of purchase customer experience, whereas instruction manuals make a difference in the long run. Our experienced designers will help you bring products to market quickly and professionally by making your packages, labels and instruction manuals stand out in any language.

Have more questions?

We are here to provide more information, answer any questions you may have or talk about a specific quote.